Time management refers to the judicious use of day for achieving success in life. Time Management helps an individual to construct the best possible utilize of time. It is essential for individuals to value day and allocate the right time to the right activity.

Let us go through some Time Management Techniques:

  • Set your Priorities. Know what all needs to be done on an urgent basis. Prepare a “TO DO” List or a “Task Plan” to jot down tasks you need to complete against the time slot assigned to each activity. High Priority Tasks must be written on top followed by tasks which can be done a little later. Make sure you stick to your Task List.
  • Make sure you finish your assignments within the stipulated time frame. Tick the tasks you have already finished. Treat yourself with a chocolate if you finish your assignments ahead of deadlines.
  • Understand the difference between urgent and important work. Manage your work well. Do not begin your day with something which is not so important and can be done a little later. First finish off what all is urgent and important. Do not wait for your Boss’s reminders.
  • Stay focused . Do not leave your work station if some urgent run needs to be done. Running for strolls in the middle of an urgent run breaches continuity and an individual tends to loosed his focus. People who kill time at work find it difficult to survive workplace stress .
  • Do include time for your tea breaks, net surfing, personal calls and so on in your daily schedule. It is important. Human being is not a machine who can work at a stretch for eight to nine hours. Assign half an hour to fourty five minutes to check updates on social networking sites, call your friends or family or go for smoke breaks etc.
  • Set realistic and achievable targets for yourself. Know what you need to achieve and in what duration? Do not lie to yourself. Assigning one hour to a task which you yourself know would require much more time does not make sense.
  • Do not overburden yourself. Say a firm no to your boss if you feel you would not be able to complete a certain assignment within the assigned deadline. Don’t worry, he will not feel bad. Probably he can assign the same to any of your fellow workers. Accept tasks which you are really confident about.
  • Be disciplined and punctual. Avoid taking unnecessary leaves from work unless there is an emergency. Reach work on time as it helps you to plan your day better.

  • Keep things at their proper places. Files must be kept at their respective drawers. Staple important documents and put them in a proper folder. Learn to be a little more organized. It will save your time which goes on unnecessary searching.
  • Do not treat your organization as a mere source of money. Change your attitude. Avoid playing games on computer or cell phones during office hours. It is unprofessional. Do not work only when your boss is around. Taking ownership of work pays you in the long run.
  • Develop the habit of using an organizer. It helps you plan things better. Keep a notepad and a pen handy. Do not write contact numbers or email ids on loose papers. You will waste half of your time searching them. Manage your emails. Create separate folders for each client. Do not clutter your desktop.