Though a rather challenging element backlinks have proven to be a very useful tool in creating the interest in any particular site through its referral capacities. However the use backlinks should be done with care as it can just as easily work against the site and cause negative repercussions from the search engines.

In some ways the link building exercise would depend very much on the competitor’s participation. The more competitive keywords would require the use of more carefully designed backlinks and the amounts that would be deemed acceptable.

Therefore some attention should be given to the choice of the keywords as it does play a role is the overall decision making process based on the target intended to be reached.

The speed used to build and feature the backlinks is also another point to consider as too much can overwhelm the site’s thus not allowing it to settle into the domain effectively.

It may end up producing little or no results at all as the inability to get the backlinks settle well. However it should be noted that this is not an unusual phenomenon as time, keywords and traffic draw will eventually dictate the ideal placements on the search engine pages. In the end, concentration on building links and adding content should ideally contribute to the best backlinks.

Keeping the backlinks as diverse as possible also can contribute to the element of interesting content which is important when it comes to encouraging backlinks.

Keeping the variety of different types of links is also advised. If the ideas are the stumbling block for the creativity of the site then concentrating on article links and commenting in forums or building profile links should be explored.

Using the contextual link to create backlinks possibilities is useful and it effectively decreases the risk of sending too many links too frequently to the target page.