A range of cost effective stress management training coursesseminars and workshops to reduce occupational stress. Stress Management: Understand The Causes Of Stress And Learn Techniques to Manage Stress Effectively. Stress is an integral part of modern lifestyle. It's just like having a mobile. Who doesn't have it? Almost everyone! Same is the case with stress these days.


Stress Management Program and Themes for Talks and Workshops One—day stress managementprogram Stress and its development; recognizing and measuring stress Group discussion and break Stress and personality; effects of stress; anger and hostility Summing up Lunch Managing individual stress;

Do you want your team to learn how to deal with stress and setbacks? Do you want your people to be mentally resilient to stress and to become more successful as a result? I run practical workshops and give presentations in which I explain the ways in which managers and/or employees can learn to cope more effectively with pressure and avoid a burnout. Participants learn how to assume responsibility for themselves and continue to perform well. I offer a new form of resilience training for members of middle and top management that covers both mental and physical aspects. Together, we also run full-day health events for departments. I also help teams to find better ways of working together and of becoming even more successful.