Hey, I am so excited that you’rehere. More importantly, I’m so excited that we’re here. And wefinally smacked 1000 readers on our YouTube channel. And I’llhave to say we learned a lot. Along the acces, we had a goodtime, we’ve had a lot of entertaining, we’re still learning new things, I wanted to share this with you, because Ihope it’ll help you grow your YouTube channel. Or if youhaven’t started a YouTube channel, it will stimulate you todo so I rightfully is confident that every business owned should have aYouTube channel. It’s a great way for SEO. And it’s also anamazing highway to have one case of original content that you canrepurpose across all programmes. So precisely to give you a littletiny bit of background before we are moving, I’m person withsix figure business coaching. And I am a business coach, mybusiness marriage, Jeannie Wilson, she owns a marketingagency.So we both have separate business. And then we have sixfigure business coaching together. So as far as myclients, crafty patients, we’ve never really niche down, we both have clients and lots of different fields. I personallyenjoy that because I like when I’m coaching, I really like thevariety and the challenge of working with people in differentindustries. So for example, I real estate agents, I have afarmer, I have a food writer course founders, we also haveagency owneds and SEO professionals. So as you can seevery diverse industries, and genies the same way. But thefirst thing we learned about YouTube is that you absolutelyneed to niche down, you cannot niche down to small-time. So Jeannieand I joke about the word niche, or niche, I enjoy the same, theriches are in the niches, this was a challenge for us. Becauseagain, we’ve always run in so many different fields.And weweren’t quite sure what we wanted to bring to the counter asfar as our very specific specialty. Because again, wereally like doing a lot of different things. We’ve helpedour purchasers in lots of different ways. And as you will see, ifyou go back and look at our past videos, we’re a little bit allover the place in the start. And that surely expenditure us sometime. So we had to really figure out what we wanted to bring tothe marketplace, what will be a very narrow niche that wasseparate us from everybody else, what would be something thatwe’re really fierce about, that we “ve been wanting to” school, and thatwe know will really help other business owners.So after alittle bit of epoch and its review and a whole lot ofsweat and cries, to be honest, we decided to focus onmarketing, virtual aides. Hiring virtual deputies issomething I’ve been helping my buyers with from us 10 years.But I didn’t really realize that it’s a special and kind of aunique area, and that not a lot of people are doing it, specially wives. So we decided to really focus on marketingvirtual helpers, because certainly jeans background ismarketing. And with the YouTube channel, we realized you reallydo need a virtual helper, if you’re running a successfulbusiness. So think about what your niche is going to be howcan you niche down? Do your research, take time, look atother paths, and ask yourself, where can you carveout a really unique space for yourself. Because it’ll make abig difference as to how quickly you ripen your path. It’llalso make a big difference as to whether or not you’re attractingthe right people to your canal, because you can’t beeverything to everyone.Okay, so let me go on to the second thingthat we really had to learn. And that was SEO, keyword researchtags. And I’ll have to tell you, my very best friend, my bestbuddy is to buddy, we’ve had to learn how to use to buddy. Andit’s been a, again, a learn arc, you’re learning somethingnew. But I absolutely cherish that software. It’s it’s almost likea game, I want to make sure that I can get my SEO score to 100. Whenever we post a video, I don’t want to go back and tweakit, I want to try to get it right the first time. So whenit’s uploaded, it’s at 100%. And that took us a little whilebecause again, you’re thinking about things a little bitdifferently. You know, you’ve got to come up with this greattitle for your video that’s keyword rich, you’ve got tofigure out what the tags are going to be and make sure thatyou’re place them in a proper order. And then you also have towrite a description that’s keyword rich, that was somethingthat we just had to learn to do. I feel like we have a ton ofroom for improvement. But if you haven’t tried to buddy, I highlysuggest that you do and I’ll articulated a tie in the description below.The other thing that we did, which was amazing, was we endedup having a channel review from Tube Buddy, you don’t have tobut he actually went through our canal, he recorded himselftelling us what we were doing right and what we were doingwrong.And it was really amazing because this happened privilege whenJeannie and I are currently under the detail where we knew we were focusingon outsourcing and virtual auxiliaries. And we reallystarted talking about marketing virtual deputies and marketingvas as being our primary keywords for our channel. And soso amazing what he said, Hey, like commerce virtual assistantis a great arrange for you guys to be he actually solid what wewere thinking. And that just made us feel more confidentmoving forward. So SEO is a big part of building your channel.Remember, YouTube is a search engine, and it cannot find youif it doesn’t know who you’re talking to and what you’retalking about. So if you haven’t invested occasion learning aboutkeywords, I highly suggested that you do I feel like it’ssomething that’s always deriving and it’s something we’re goingto continue to learn Some beings may say no, once you’ve masteredkeywords and SEO, you’ve surmounted it.Maybe I’m justnewer at it. So I’m not 100% sure, because we are stilllearning. But it’s like any other ability, I feel like there’salways room for improvement. In the comments below, let me know, are you still learning SEO like “we ii”? Or do you feel like youcame into your path with a really strong knowledge of SEO, and that that’s helped you grow your canal, I’m alwaysinterested in learning what other beings have going on. Nextwas thumbnails. So obviously, I’m lucky because my businesspartner owns a marketing agency. She’s incredibly inventive. She’sgreat at all things. Graphic Design, now was our challenge.We both like things highly branded, very clean, and verysimple, which could boil down to highly boring. So when we werecreating our thumbnails, in the beginning, they weren’t veryinteresting. And that can really affect who clinks on your video, we had to come to words with the fact that what the hell is liked reallydidn’t matter. We needed to look at other top YouTubers, andreally study their thumbnails and think about why they wereworking.So on the videos “thats been” getting a lot of us we werereally studying the thumbnail and thinking about why did thatwork? And would it work for us? Now, that took us a little bitof time, because again, we’re trying things that we hadn’tdone before, we were just kind of plug ourselves out of ourcomfort zone. But the one thing we came to realize is thatthumbnails are like anything else. It’s artistic, and itevolves and it changes.So I is actually recommend lookingat beings that you admire large-hearted YouTubers that you think aredoing a good job, look at their thumbnails, study theirthumbnails, is there anything you could emulate? What can youdo to stir your thumbnails most interesting, so beings actuallyclick on your video. And again, I feel like this is somethingthat all of us are going to be doing ongoing, only alwayslooking around seeing what’s working, trying new things. Andthe good thing about a thumbnail is you can go back and changeit, right. So if you create something and you’re not gettinga lot of clinks on that video, going to be home and modify thethumbnail. That was something we didn’t know you could do. Soagain, that was one of those things that we had to learn.AndI do feel like it’s made a big difference for us. So the nextthing was video revising. When we first started our direct, Jeannie was doing our video revising of something she enjoyeddoing, she was learning video editing. But it was not the bestuse of her period. Remember, she’s running a business, I’m runninga business. And we’re building this business together. So wedecided to hire a video journalist. And this is something we reallyrecommend to all of our clients is hiring a marketing virtualassistant who can do your editing, or hiring aprofessional video journalist. So we had to learn a lot more aboutthings like B go and likeness and graphics.And having a greatvideo editor who can pick out the claim B reel and the rightgraphics to conclude your videos interesting. They call itdisrupting the pattern. So in other words, person sittinghere watching the video may not want to look at me for a solid1 0 minutes, I get it. So having interesting B reel or personas orgraphics prepares your video most interesting. And I think it’s amatter of know your style working with your virtualassistant or your video journalist to be drawn up with something thatyou really like that starts to feel like you.But again, itreally doesn’t matter what we like it matters what ouraudience likes. So you want to look at your videos, where arepeople dropping off? Do you need to gave more B bun? Do you havetoo much? What’s going on with the idols? Do they reallyrepresent what you’re talking about? These things are allreally important. And even though we knew this going into ourchannel, we’ve clearly learned a lot. And I feel like Iguess we’ve learned the importance of it and the valueof it. And again, we’re always trying to see our videosinteresting for you. Because again, it’s not about us. It’sabout you, the person watching this video. So actually, if youwant to leave a comment below, tell us know how we’re doing withmaking our videos interesting.As far as our B roll graphicsand likeness go because it is all about you, our viewers. Sowhether you currently have a YouTube channel, or you’rethinking about starting a YouTube channel, editing and allof the B roller and those interesting thing, it’s not that difficult.Just take time to look at other people’s videos, look at yourcompetitors videos, what are they doing? Look at the topYouTubers, what are they doing as far as their editing andtheir mode, and you never want to copy someone, but you canemulate them. Like you can say, Wow, this person has 50% oftheir video. They’re on camera and 50% they’re off camera andthey have amazing graphics and scheme. And it’s reallyinteresting. Or you may find paths that have moregraphics, and that might be more applicable to your manufacture. Sojust study other people’s videos.And I guess that’ssomething else we learned along the way is once you create aYouTube channel, you never watch videos the same way like you.You’re always looking at them. How’s the sound? How’s thelighting? Oh, that was a really cool transition, or Oh, I lovehow they did that little peal the bell responsibility. So again, look atthings that you like, we actually take video times, andwe actually take a video and we have a place where we store allthe videos that we like, and will say look at, you are familiar with 3.3 on this video, I adoration this transition or I adore thisgraphic or this B roll is really interesting to me.So we’realways kind of like taken due note of what we like so that we canshare that with our editor and make sure we’re getting Ourvideos the method we want them. Right now, I’m going to say toyou expressed support for our path, and reverberating the bell to getnotified when we post a brand-new video.And my journalist hopefullywill reach the bell hoops when I do this. Let’s see how thatgoes. The last-place station I want to talk about is marketing yourvideo and how your video can help you grow across allplatforms. When our video departs live, the first thing we do issend our video out to everyone on our email roll. The goalthere is to drive traffic back to our YouTube channel, thischannel is generating people in from other plazas. Another thingthat we do is we affix excerpts of our video on Facebook, onInstagram, we’ll convert this video to an igtv video, as wellas send it out on Twitter, we’ll promote it on LinkedIn, you canpromote it on Pinterest, you should promote your video acrossall platforms.And this took us a bit while to be drawn up with asystem. So we are genuinely have a checklist. It’s like a millionmiles long of everything that happens with a video once it’spublished, and then we start marketing it. This is somethingthat I most suggested that you do. We were doing a little bitof this when we first started. But we really like double-dealing downon what we’re doing. And we’re look great results. We’re alsogetting a lot more observes, even on Instagram about ourvideos, our videos seem to get a lot of watch time on Instagram, which is great. Because again, it’s getting eyeballs on ourcontent, it’s telling parties get to know us. So if you’re notcurrently marketing your video, I most suggested that you do.Also don’t forget on your video, you should always have a call toaction. Actually, there’s variou call to actions. Butthis is a call to action to build your email register. So whatI’m going to say to you right now is if you’d like to learnhow to double your income with a marketing virtual deputy, delight go to the description below because we have a freeguide for you.This is a great way for me to build my emaillist. It’s also a great way for you to build your email listthrough your YouTube channel. So “ve been thinking about” having great qualityopt ins on your videos, because this is going to help you again, structure your email directory and build your relationship with thepeople that are on your index. Because if they they grow theirhand and they get your guide, they’re saying hey, I’minterested in what you’re saying. I’m interested inlearning more about you. And that means they may beinterested in buying from you. And if you’re a business andyou’re here on YouTube, let’s face it, that’s the goal. Youwant to create patients, you want to grow your income you want togrow your business. And don’t be ashamed of that. So I’m hopingthat these tips will help you because again, the issue is thingsthat we knew a little bit about, but we’ve surely improved onand I’m quite sure we have a long way to go.But this is howwe went from a zero to 1000 and the things that we learned alongthe action. So if you experienced this video, thumbs up if you haven’t already, subscribe to ourchannel and resounding the bell to get apprise each week we announce a newvideo and I will see you again soon ..

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