I have been going across some personal adulterating, questioning and developing. I feel so sanctified and fortunate to have many mirrors acquainted to me in the guests and people I interact with. It never discontinues to astonish me that the counsel, advice, strategies and plans that pop out of my mouth in a sitting is oftentimes the very thing that I need to hear!!
Something that has comprised acquainting over the last bittie while is the issue of worth.

I suggest people to repeat affirmations of “I am worth it” , or “I deserve to get to everything i want” over and over again throughout the day — the next step is to repeat it to yourself while looking at yourself in the eye in a mirror — sounds easy doesn’t it… it is astonishing how difficult some people can find this. The truth is you are worth everything you could possibly dream of and much much more – there is no such thing as deficiency and limitation other than what you really want and have set up for yourself – you receive what you feel you should receive and no more. Isn’t it time you re-evaluated what it is you think you are worth?

What I would like to consider here with you is a coefficient of correlation between self discipline and self worth… Once you acquire a discipline of lets say a 7 minute meditation each day or a 45 minute exercise session every other day – this is a demonstration of your saying “I am worth it”. You see it is important to come through with with this idea of worthiness – if you are worth looking out to the finest degree possible then does it not add up that this requires the go through of what it is your body needs from all aspects of self (mind-body-spirit)?

On the opposite aspect – if you find yourself making excuses about why you do not have the time for a routine exercise everyday, meditation, journaling (whatever you in general being necessitates to lead a accomplished life) – I advise you to take a look at how much you are appreciating yourself… perhaps it is time to reevaluate the worth you have identified on your own wellbeing.

Have you ever devoted attention to the advice given on the safety information on airplanes? In case of an emergency – oxygen masks will drop down and you are to place them on your face… parents and individuals looking after other dependants are advised to take the oxygen first!! To put that some other person away – how can you anticipate yourself to look out on other people, execute your obligations and accomplish what you are fancying unless you look after yourself first? If what you are currently knocking off life is not working out for you; not accomplishing the results you acknowledge and want for yourself – it is time to consider a change!! You are worth it…