1. Significant calorie consumes exercise: There are many yoga exercises which are great calorie burners. These postures help to lose weight and help to bring the body in shape.
  2. Builds stamina, quality, adaptability, and tones body and center: Such yoga poses helps to increase stamina to perform better in day to day activities, improves the quality of life, makes the body strong to adapt itself in the dynamic conditions and most importantly help to reduce the unwanted fat from the body.
  3. Lifts digestion: Practicing yoga on a regular basis helps to cure digestive problems. Many people go through stomach problems like constipation, diarrhea, gas issues, bloating, having cramps in the stomach etc. can be sorted with practicing yoga positions.
  4. Eases pressure and strain alongside improving core interest.
  5. Results in adaptable and reinforced gluteus and other inert muscles.