Practicing yoga serves with lots of benefits to the physical health. Yoga is considered to be the best and natural method to become healthy and fit. Performing yoga exercises helps to cure many diseases that are related to the heart, liver, kidney, liver and brain. Though yoga is not considered to be the ultimate solution to each chronic disease yet yoga helps in relieving and curing many issues and disorders. Some of the major benefits are as follows:

  1. Enhances your flexibility – It helps to improve one’s flexibility and it the most visible benefit of yoga. Practicing yoga daily, one will notice a slow and gradual loosening of muscles. Slowly and steadily all your pains and aches start to disappear and you will figure out the flexibility in your body.
  2. Helps in building strong muscles – Muscle strength is essential apart from it provides you with good looks, it protects from various conditions such as back pain, arthritis and when strength is built one balances it with flexibility.
  3. Provide with correct posture – It helps to get your body with perfect posture. Poor posture can result in neck, joint, muscle and back problems.
  4. Yoga prevents cartilage and joint breakdown. Yoga helps joints to go through their full range of motion.
  5. Yoga consists of asana practice which includes various backbends, forward bends, and twists that help to keep your disks supple.
  6. Many yoga postures require lifting of your body weight, such weight-bearing exercises strengthen the bones. Yoga has the ability to lower stress hormone cortisol which helps to keep calcium in the bones.
  7. Yoga helps to keep the flow of blood. It helps to increase the blood flow in your body. Performing Relaxation exercises helps to circulate the blood flow in your hands and feet. It helps to increase the levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells.
  8. While doing various yoga postures; it stretches muscles, movements of organs which results in drainage of a fluid that is rich in immune cells and helps the system to fight harmful cells and dispose of toxic wastes out.
  9. It helps in relieving depression and lowers the risk of heart attacks by setting the heart rate into the aerobic range. Many studies have proved that yoga practice lowers the resting heart rate and can help to improve your maximum uptake of oxygen while exercising.
  10. Drops and control the blood pressure – One suffering from high blood pressures can be benefitted from yoga. It helps to control blood pressure levels.
  11. Yoga helps to bring out the inner happiness out and makes the person happy and satisfied. Continuous yoga practice is a depression buster and helps in releasing tensions which result in boosting happiness.
  12. Yoga control blood sugar and lower cortisol level. It decreases the risk of diabetic problems like kidney failure, heart attacks, etc.