Call My Name Right Campaign

Why I started this #CallMyNameRight Campaign

Name is the person’s identity, each individual’s name is a thread that adds depth and color to the tapestry of society. The #CallMyNameRight campaign, with its roots in respect and recognition, transcends the act of correct pronunciation to weave inclusivity into the fabric of organizational cultures, educational institutions, and community interactions. This initiative is not just about saying names right; it’s about understanding what it means to live and work in a world that values diversity at its core.

The Ripple Effect of Respect

At the heart of the #CallMyNameRight campaign is a simple, yet powerful, concept: respect. By taking the time to learn and correctly pronounce someone’s name, we are acknowledging their identity, heritage, and the rich stories that their names carry. This respect fosters a sense of belonging and validation, particularly for individuals from marginalized or minority groups who often navigate spaces where their identities are overlooked or diminished.

The campaign has sparked conversations around respect in diversity, pushing organizations to reflect on how they can better embody these values. From implementing name pronunciation software in email systems to encouraging staff to include phonetic spellings in their introductions, the ripple effect of the campaign is tangible. Each action taken as part of this initiative is a step towards dismantling the subtle barriers that contribute to feelings of exclusion and otherness.

Cultivating Empathy Through Engagement

Empathy is the bridge that connects diverse experiences and viewpoints. The #CallMyNameRight campaign is as much about cultivating empathy as it is about correct pronunciation. By encouraging individuals to share the stories and meanings behind their names, the campaign opens up pathways for deeper understanding and connection. These narratives provide insight into the complexities of identity and the ways in which names are intertwined with personal and cultural histories.

In workplaces, schools, and communities, the campaign has prompted individuals to engage with each other’s stories, fostering environments where empathy and understanding are at the forefront of interactions. This engagement is critical in building inclusive cultures where every person, regardless of their background, feels seen and valued.

Driving Change in Policy and Practice

The #CallMyNameRight initiative goes beyond individual actions to advocate for systemic change in policy and practice. By highlighting the impact of names on inclusion, the campaign calls for organizations and institutions to adopt more inclusive practices. This includes training for staff on cultural competence, changes in record-keeping to ensure names are correctly captured and pronounced, and spaces for individuals to voice how they wish to be addressed.


These policy changes are crucial in institutionalizing the values of respect and inclusivity. They ensure that the principles of the #CallMyNameRight campaign are not just momentary efforts but are embedded into the very structure of organizations, leading to lasting impact.

The #CallMyNameRight campaign is a global call to action, inviting people from all walks of life to partake in a movement that celebrates diversity and fosters inclusion. It challenges us to look beyond our own perspectives, to learn from each other, and to build communities where everyone belongs.

As we move forward, the campaign continues to evolve, adapting to new challenges and opportunities to promote inclusivity. Through workshops, social media engagement, and community initiatives, #CallMyNameRight is leading the way in showing how a simple act of respect can have far-reaching effects.

The Power of Names in Building a Better World

The #CallMyNameRight campaign is a testament to the power of names in building a better, more inclusive world. It reminds us that our names are not just labels, but are integral to our identities and deserve to be treated with respect. As we embrace this campaign, we commit to an ongoing journey of learning, respect, and inclusion, proving that sometimes, the smallest acts can lead to the most significant changes. Let’s continue to say each other’s names right, and in doing so, say ‘I see you, I respect you, and you matter.’

In embracing the #CallMyNameRight campaign, we acknowledge that every name has a story, and every story deserves to be told correctly. Let’s all make the pledge to respect and honour each other, one name at a time.

As the #CallMyNameRight campaign gains momentum, its message resonates across different sectors, reminding us of the power of names and the respect they command. The road to inclusivity and respect is a continuous journey, and while the act of correctly pronouncing a name might seem small, its impact is anything but. It's a step toward recognizing the diversity that surrounds us, a step toward understanding, and, ultimately, a step toward a more inclusive world.

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The #CallMyNameRight campaign invites everyone to join in this movement of respect and inclusion. It starts with a commitment to learning and a willingness to correct ourselves when we make mistakes. It involves being open to asking about pronunciation and sharing the stories behind our names. But most importantly, it requires us to listen — truly listen — to the individuals we interact with daily.

The Campaign in Action

The #CallMyNameRight campaign goes beyond social media hashtags and blog posts; it's about real action and change. Through workshops, webinars, and educational resources, the campaign provides tools for individuals and organizations to learn the correct pronunciation of names that are unfamiliar to them. It encourages the creation of spaces where everyone feels comfortable correcting mispronunciations without embarrassment or hesitation. Furthermore, the campaign advocates for systems and practices that help prevent mispronunciation in the first place, such as phonetic spelling on name badges, email signatures, and official documents. These small adjustments can make a significant difference in daily interactions, making inclusion a standard practice rather than an afterthought.

Names are often the first and most enduring gift from our families, a token of our heritage, and a marker of our individuality. They carry with them the histories of ancestors, the aspirations of parents, and, often, the hopes for the future. When someone takes the effort to pronounce a name correctly, it is a recognition of the person’s history, culture, and their intrinsic worth. It’s a simple gesture that can transform an interaction, turning it from a moment of potential exclusion to one of inclusion.

In healthcare, education, and the corporate world, the correct pronunciation of a name can be the first step in building a trusting relationship. For patients, students, and colleagues alike, this act of respect can set the tone for all future interactions, laying the groundwork for a more inclusive and empathetic environment.

Born out of a need to foster inclusivity and understanding, the #CallMyNameRight campaign was initiated to remind us of the importance of acknowledging every individual’s identity correctly, starting with their name. It’s a movement that challenges us to take a moment, to ask, and to learn, ensuring that our interactions reflect respect and dignity for everyone’s cultural and personal background.

The campaign is not merely about avoiding the discomfort of mispronunciation; it’s about actively engaging in an act of respect that can significantly impact someone’s sense of acceptance and belonging. Whether in the professional environment of the NHS, within the bustling halls of academia, or amongst the myriad interactions of daily life, #CallMyNameRight serves as a universal call to action.