• Offer yoga parties

Yoga parties aren’t commonplace, but when done correctly they work very well.

The concept is simple: You go to someone’s house and teach yoga for an hour for a very discounted rate. Everybody who signs up and pays for a workshop, series of classes, or class package at the party gets a free bonus they wouldn’t get otherwise.

Bonuses could include free classes, free swag, or access to an exclusive membership site.

By adding bonuses exclusive to the yoga party, you are giving guests an incentive to sign up and pay you before leaving the party.

The biggest benefit to you and the guests, however, isn’t the influx of cash for you, or the bonuses for them. The benefit is the intimate setting. You get a chance to talk one on one with every single guest and give more attention and assistance than you would in a large class. You can create more authentic relationships with the guests.

  • Consider multiple offerings

Perhaps this goes without saying, but when you only have one offer, you limit the ways people can work with you (and give you money). By only offering expensive private lessons, you’re pushing away people who can only afford group classes. By only offering group classes, you’re not serving people who want and can afford privates.

When you have multiple ways you can work with clients, it gets easier to deliver what clients are looking for, and it gets easier to get paid.

Now, that being said, it may be that you’re done with group classes. You’ve taught groups for long enough, and you’re burned out, and broke. It is perfectly fine to only teach private lessons, but the same principle applies: offer multiple ways people can work with you.

When it comes to private lessons, consider offering packages in 1 month, 3 months, and 6-month bundles. Packages help with client retention, help you to better predict your income, and reduces the time you spend onboarding clients and dealing with administrative duties.

  • Livestreaming is ah-may-zing.

While you can live stream on Facebook Live and Periscope to attract more customers and got clients who never heard of you before.

Periscope is the fastest-growing social network in history. There are millions of users, but far fewer broadcasters. Those who get in on the ground floor of this still-relatively-new app, have a chance to make a huge impression. Live video is the number one way to build the Know, Like, and Trust factor very quickly.

  • Team Up With Others

Do you have a friend who’s a healer of sorts? A chiropractor? A massage therapist? Acupuncturist? Collaborating with someone in a relatable field or one that compliments yoga can make for a mutually beneficial relationship!

Together, you can offer sessions or and both reach a greater amount of people. You are marketing yourself at the same time they are and can extend your efforts to include theirs and vice-versa.

  • Create a loyalty program

A loyalty program is something you see all the time at coffee shops but not very often at yoga studios. The concept is simple: buy a certain number of walk-in classes, get goodies.

You can offer a free class, a shirt, a water bottle, a yoga video download, or 10% off a monthly membership.

Yoga loyalty programs are a great way to convert students from walk-ins to membership students because you can demonstrate to the customer how much money they would save by getting a monthly membership, and they get goodies.


Ultimately, your success will depend on WHO you are as a person because being a yoga teacher does not start and end with attending yoga teacher training and receiving a certificate.

Being a successful yoga teacher is made up of multiple elements that will impact your successes and your failures.

Failure can sometimes be the very best thing that happens because it forces you to grow. And out of that growth, your yoga teaching career can reach new heights.

Have a “successful” yoga career, you first need to determine what that means to you—whether it’s owning your own studio or positively impacting the lives of your students. Whatever your goals, the reality is teaching yoga is a challenging career path.