In the quest to present material that is both relevant yet exciting and engaging one has to be able to understand and relate to the receiving party at all times.

Understand It

Failing to note these very important elements will cause the entire exercise to be ineffective and a waste of time for all parties involved. Therefore there is a need to understand the audience before making any presentation. Below are some of the aspects or recommendations that should be looked into carefully:

 Researching or having some knowledge of the educational levels of the listening audience in instrumental in designing the work that is intended to be presented. If the presented material is too complex or technical then the entire exercise would be rather futile as the audience will not be able to understand its contents.

 The material designed to be presented should also focus on the job or professional background of the audience, as this too is impactful and directly connected to the success of the experience.

 Having an idea of the audience‟s expectations of the material being presented is also another way of gauging the audience‟s general anticipated attention levels. Making the necessary adjustments to present material that is both applicable and acceptable in standard will ensure the positive participation of the audience.

Having a summary of possible questions that may be asked by the audience also gives the presenter both the confidence and the accuracy levels needed when addressing such queries.

 Addressing the listening audience at the level of their existing knowledge is also another very important aspect that should be considered. Presenting material that is already known would make the exercise unnecessary and cause the attention span of the audience to waiver.