Hello and therefore welcomed step 6 so now you know what you want to achieve I want you to come back to today. Because you started with the end in memory so you’ve got the outcome, you’re clear about your end and now. Come back to the day and then looking forward, you need to set out some objectives. Now I don’t know how long what time frame you put on your strategy. We be applicable to do a five year, long straddle business strategy and leave tone, but things have speeded up substantially and hour gets faster and faster. I suggest that probably a three time proposal, or maybe as a small business – you want to gauge yourself at two years. So what do you want to accomplish in the next two years or the three years? You should have already be clear about about that. So, coming back here to today, what are some of the objectives that you’re going to need to achieve to reach that schedules on putting some boars in the anchor, so let’s say at nine months. I wanted to achieve this and you know in six months I want to achieve this in a year I want to have achieved. “Its like” boars in the soil, some key objectives. So what I’d like you to do now is: please write down three key objectives for your business proposal. These are things that must happen to get you to your destination of what you want to achieve over the next two to three years. Okay, satisfy do that are currently and we’ll see you at the next step on us: Brian Martin com,

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