everybody Eric here my identify is Joplin we’re going to talk to you about the large-hearted three which are your orbit your email and your website yeah so truly it all starts with the domains of the foundation because it’s gonna be in your email address it’s gonna be the URL for your website one of the purposes of your social media yes part of the social media handle once you get there so with the domain name you want to keep it short and we like to say the radio researched GoDaddy if you heard it on the radio when you’re driving residence would you remember it when it’s time to go search for it right and you have to make sure you get it very quickly a lot of parties have a lot of ideas and they’re buying arenas every day make sure yeah I’m sure you get yours right away all right so now that you’ve got this domain name you’ll want to get the email address reason being is I’m not gonna introduced poppy Joppy 1717 at whatever com on my business card no you don’t want to do that a big part of this is branding once you get the domain name you’re gonna be sending a lot of emails so you’re gonna want to picking a good domain name and that email is genuinely what starts to push it quickly for you all right so now the email and the domain are up and running we need the website up and running this is your window to the world this is what everyone’s gonna see when they look you up so it needs to be attractive and it needs to be mobile-friendly and then from there you can get into more specifics for what your business needs right so as far as the features go this is the first time you’re standing up this website is the first time that it’s it’s on its legs get the minimum stuff that you need and then out on the bells and whistles later you’re gonna need pay processing are you gonna need beings to set appointments on their stuff like that right and as you consider these features can you do it yourself or are you gonna hire a pro to do those things for you yeah it’s gonna be an ongoing payment so try to plan for the future as best you can consider your initial expense versus your maintenance payments so when you are get that website up and running after you get your domain name it’s just gonna be maintenance it’s just gonna be chill enough it’s a lot like real estate actually right there’s that down payment to first get into it higher and then from there you’re charter is like ongoing maintenance cost right and be realistic it’s you know do some experiment it’s not gonna be too high it’s not gonna be too low it’s gonna be somewhere in the middle term for the future it’s gonna be around for a long time I’m Joplin I’m Eric thanks for stopping by you

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