Hey listen Let’s be honest now YouTube customers are very hard to grow and there’s a reason why unsubscribe subscribe Doesn’t exist we all want to be a youtuber We all want to be an influencer spends the statement as well, and it’s actually quite recreation, but nowhere this video I’m going to make it audio easy or overnight, If that was your meaning you can click off this video This is for people who are seriously building labels. I want to influence actual beings don’t worry.It’s not is about to be shocking It’s gonna be step by step, and you can tell your mom that you quit your job for youtube! And I’m not a schemy person to say post consistent content, but we’re gonna make a legitimate plan for you And I hope this is helpful all you got to do if you want to know how to grow your YouTube channel Starting really small keep on watching oaah it’s a beautiful era, oh my god, we just reached a million subscribers , thank you so much ja ja ja oh my god Oh come on What’s up termination welcome to today’s video you guys know that I’m not about the BS life So we’re gonna jump into the video, just what to say Congrats to the comnent winner comment to be featured on the next incident music If you want a little bit of the next observation win I want to know how long you’ve been doing YouTube If you have a channel, what is the biggest roadblock? You faced? What’s your biggest problem? Merely mention below so I can help you guys out so when starting your direct from zero from scratch It’s really important to simply be real with yourself because the one of the things you don’t have to leverage off of going subscribers whatever you want to grow your public is you don’t have social proof so you’re gonna be missing a huge position of Like the elements of trust liberty because but sometimes the whole when someone subscribes to you They trust you with all their clicking cleverness So super important Understand that you’re gonna be missing a huge mainstay exactly because you’re starting from zero doesn’t mean you’re characterized it Time makes like we’re have to replace it with something really strong so whether you’re a music artist That’s trying to grow your devotee base Whether you are a content creator make photography Trying to grow some more our customers and but you’re just doing YouTube for fun as a vlogger and you merely just wanted to meet some fund With YouTube Adsense, so these are all valid rationalizations, but it comes down to four things I miss you to sit in your chairs grab a snack do whatever it takes for you to pay attention Because I want to know when you think about YouTube subscribers or thriving a direct you think about germinating views and subscribers first Or do you think about your watch term and your public retainment? Gotta listen here guys Your traffic beginnings or your watch meter is so much more important because that will Tell YouTube whether to push your video or not and when I necessitate push is you time want to be friends with the YouTube algorithm Which decides whether to recommend your video or to keep it on you are familiar with? Trending and all that that’s how you get in front of the audience you want to reach So you need to focus on those two things and stop adjusting destinations that are not obtainable for example hundred thousand readers Like if your strengths from scratch focus on what actually occupations, which is watch time focus on your freight roots And we’re gonna help you increase those two things if you haven’t already make sure you like this video and thumped the red agree button It’s gonna indeed planned the world to me, and I just really appreciate it You can connect the best fam squad on earth if you do so oh, and then I say I announce videos now every The working day so like get your free and exactly subscribe So I am NOT a film writer a lot of producer But I have learned a few things that revolve around Hollywood and make You know over a few friends that are in the industry And it merely realise gumption people if you’re going into creating a piece of content it needs to be good I don’t think you understand when you turn from 0 you’re will vary depending on either knack, and or hard work if you have neither It’ll be harder to grow so I know not everyone’s a film director but if you are eligible to honestly get Expertise from person that can actually intend a video that allows you to tremendously germinate your business because ideally you need to have beginning middle and end but let me break it down because your watch experience will contribute to the fact that you’re gonna be a Recommended video because that is my entire rise on this path a lot of parties conceive Oh Jay you just got lucky like no It’s my watch day It’s my audience retainment And there’s a few elements that I use and pranks that I use to make sure it’s up and high And I want to share with you guys the first gratuity is the hook make sure your hook is impelling as brick Whether you have to do some sound enticement to get them there You know we’re gonna talk about the meat of this video that the video itself, okay? Because ideally the clink get you the end the view get you the watch age the watch go will determine your reader weigh Count it at the end of this video only a playlist just about YouTube growth if you want to learn more about designations and males All that jazz but for content you need a fix Whether it’s gonna be a 5 second teaser of a funny constituent that the videos about whether it’s a 30 second intro And how you can help them don’t be full of fluffiness and be like hey guys Welcome like no rush to what actually matter so you can increase your watch them as high as possible.I’m not a movie make I’m not even Emma Stone like I don’t know anything about movies But I do know that trailer actually facilitates get the people hired to watch the full movie You need a conjure in motion so I know some of you guys like what the heck J I’m not a creaking or like that like this is something you can do somewhat embedded into your talking Whether you can talk with more emotion whether you’re doing a vlog and there can actually be a fake scenario You can make like it’s all about storytelling. You know tell a story I’m not a film make But I do know there’s so much usefulnes in getting beings to stay stomach in Middle than aim if there’s no attention percentage where there’s a problem, or you’re able to overcome a downfall or horror It’s not gonna be easy to get everyone to go into the resolution This is why people don’t walk outside the movie theater when the movies playing because they’re so like obligated like it’s their desire because they have a beginning middle and Unless the movie was shitty and they’re gonna walk away I don’t know why I was just thinking about movies, but you can treat It as a product like this the biggest thing is you need a strong call-to-action You want to refer beings to the next video when you’re starting from scratch listen now, okay? You is impossible to rely on a few things you and your work, so you have to put in daily videos And I’m not saying daily like a yeah like Tv videos like go like no It’s not gonna be like you’re gonna proliferate Because you’re doing daily videos what’s gonna happen is I recommend as countless Sections of content as possible because to grow YouTube channel is not like you post a video every day And it’s gonna ripen really great look.That’s BS I mean that can happen if you’re like timing’s they’re lucky like are you all right But a lot of parties are as Lucky or maybe they’re not you know used to everything but daily videos is gonna Do is ensure you that at least one campaign in the entire year will stick through aka go viral? Aka touched the recommended page because if you merely do once a few weeks. I always say this to my coaching call students I learn a lot of people how to grow in social media on one on one and they’re like Jada Othering wants to be videos, and if you do the math which I dropped on the school, so I can’t even do math But like that’s like 48 meters in the year Do you exclusively have 48 chances to have a video stick through whereas if you do it every day you have 365 periods Yeah, that’s pretty good So that’s my biggest thing for tiny paths if you don’t have money for ads if you don’t have money for a neat camera know Where did I say you need all this it will speed up the process But you can milk the audience you have milk it until you can milk no more what I’m saying is announce daily lock Like remark, there’s so much hustling when you have nothing That’s what I did for the first seven years of this channel.You never realise the milking process I are really include my first video ever it’s super embarrassing It precisely made a lot of time to get at this extent and everyone doesn’t want to see like the hard work behind this canal Assault is incredible video. Hey chaps the reason the reason why I haven’t Recently modernized my videos is because I have a new YouTube account I’ll tell you the behind the story of why I haven’t you need to back out yeah That was really embarrassing, and I was also searching and a lot of people ask me How I agreed my channel it wasn’t like a jumping. It was if you guys look my analytics are You know averaging close to 300 400 sometimes. I don’t have secret sauce it was timing. It was SEO as keywords It was a good combination of every single thing I could do and it helps that I just like talking a lot content is king Yay But there is strategy behind this and tongue you because to get your audience retention up is through the beginning middle end I situated the knowledge of a movie theatre if you guys demand more so concrete substance you guys know I don’t like being fluffy.I have some concrete nonsense. Yeah. I have some real like tactical suggestion I’ll connection it right here all you gotta do is click this playlist It’s going to direct you to my exclusive one-on-one training of how to grow YouTube channel, so you simply sounds That’s free everything on this channel is free if wishes to take your canal more seriously And you want a personalized coaching call for me. I has already been my links below. I never push anyone to do that I merely mulled I’d let you know I Have a lot of beings that I’d talk to see they’re complain and sitting down that they can’t post more videos You can’t hire someone to do it for you. Okay, that’s all I have to say for today There’s just so many elements you have to do all at once It’s overwhelming focus on content firstly, then do commerce stretching a youtube path incorporates three things Kay It’s just ru branding well does your name come across everything are you consistent is your content good? Are you actually talented? Do you make sense when you talk it’s a third thing is? Distribution you need to distribute everywhere are you DMing parties are you an FB groups to promote your video? Are you locating ads are you trying to message a little kids? I’m going to watch your video inducing your mommy watch up your father your sister your dog Anyone who could possibly distribute to do that in the first few hundred customers are more painful rely me is so agonizing Sitting there waking up with nothing But you need to be patient give yourself 12 to 36 months not 36 weeks ok Ok it stop complaining ok YouTube’s a full-time job alright chaps I hope you enjoyed that video again if you’re a part of the domination.Thank you so so much better If not, I is actually highly recommend to check out this playlist. I’ll connect in now exclusive just for this video It’s all about Todd YouTube’s growth it by starting really small It’s truly hard think about value “ve been thinking about” how you can help people and distribute it like crazy alright guys I hope you experience this video. I love you all so so much and have an amazing day.

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