so here we are this is a unusually very interesting interview because it’s going to be the highest interview that I’ve ever made and I think it’s going to be the same thing for my patrons now we’re going to be talking in a moment with David Bullock which is the author of the book Barack to place o social media lessons for business which is definitely a journal that I recommend you to get in amazon com or wherever journals are sold I think is just an incredible an incredible journal and let me time highly very quickly tell you how actually Dave and I met without even knowing about each other there was just something that we had in common my internet commerce job taken away from because I started also following what happens in 2008 campaign with with Barack Obama and by just seeing that he was what he was doing I about two or three months before I actually said here today with terminated convening the conviction that he was going to win the election in fact just take a look at this a 10 second video so that you can see how actually I was I did it and it was in August 2008 just before the election how do you ever heard of Barack Obama a year but for a year and a half ago one person booze and right now he’s these invests for becoming the next chairwoman the hulk of the United State even if they are his colour scheme I mean that’s apache helicopters regardless if he gets elected Barack that’s a blaze of an attainment now you must be wondering how did he do that would you believe me that basically good one of the purposes of his success is actually due to the imminent let me show you first of all today bark Obama has raised a whooping 605 million for instances you campaign nobody ever has raised that amount of money money for our fundraising success is due in large part to a incredible website at home in an internet existence and the viral marketing efforts of his supporters I am blocks madams convent and of course you do okay so now that we are here back on the picture allow me to introduce to you another person that likewise his life totally varied because of what President Obama had done likewise through social media so our guest today is a David Bullock is a profit engineer and an unbelievably knowledgeable party in how to use the internet to make your business into the next stage so welcome to the show they’ve do esto glad to be here so what do you think we are right now in the highest building in the world in floor crowd 124 so at least for me this is the highest interview I’ve ever done how about for you yes this is the height and you have ever done in my entire living I don’t think there’s any mode to do with any any higher than this so I think we have a lot to share with the kinfolks today absolutely so can you first of all very quickly tell them your story of what happened I necessitate only in a nutshell and I have heard of the whole story I’ve read the book and “i m loving” that i have actually earmarked at bible market l sorts of things because i really got incredible evaluate out of it and implemented into my business but i think the important thing is in a nutshell what happened and how this deepen their own lives well it began with the ID that we look to find out how much traffic beings are getting to their website there’s a site announced compete appease be soothe in january of 07 i actually show that barack obama was actually getting more traffic than make the nearest competitor and we construed that we noticed there was something going on because here it was your at Hillary Clinton you had all the other Republican campaigners and he was just to become more and more traffic act is to say he’s doing something different at that point the thing that was different at that time was twitter facebook myspace linkedin he was using social media differently and actually more effective than anyone else on the planet at that time at a highest level we grabbed upon the moment look at that as an example of how you could actually socially to take an idea from new ideas to full transaction to whatever you’re wanting to do and of course we all know the story he went from a senator to the new director united states actually moving and actually just stomping the machine that was already in place announced politics within the united states so that’s really the story of what he did and what we did is we actually got the information from what we learnt him doing it can inform the case early which is in the book and we took what we learned and we actually used it to promote our own business we croaked from a 17 referendums blog to about five hundred thousands of the PR and then continued to speaking happens and now this accompanies us to the x so the narrative continues as we go along and then we extended so far we took what he did what we did and we sort exerting bill that same technique called the b2 0 methodology to transactions signifying how to optimize your place how to actually get traffic to your place how to interact effectively with your purchaser basi and then how to follow up those are all the things that a politician has to do to actually ford the word in the market so that’s I think that’s in a nutshell incredible that’s great my this this program is about amazing websites I want I every single week and I have every single week not we can I have about two and a half thousand three thousand onlookers watching this program and they come here to actually learn the tools that most people do not really know about the internet so I am always talking about amazing websites and here i am thinking one astounding websites when astounding website is Barack Obama calm and even if they are maybe it is not something that they can use as a tool or anything like that what is amazing about Barack Obama mollify is that I think it is the perfect website so what I would like you to do because I mean you’re having an engineering background what I would like you to do is just let’s completely vanish behind the scenes take it aside and from your recollection in your remembering try to give us at the liberty the privilege arrangement of what needs to be we’re on a website so who really it will be a great website okay we’ll take it take it from the very top if you go to Barack Obama tranquilize right now what you’ll pinpoint is that the site has two buttons at the top one is basically get involved and wheeling there join now or donate now to then it’s very simple you come to site to red buttons here’s we want you to do if we want you to see and let’s move it forward you consider an opt-in in the upper left hand corner it’s there why because again a website I time interrupt your cycles/second can you explain an opt-in because there’s a lot of people that are very new to the internet so that’s why it’s very important that you tell them or dies in opting a website has a primary role when someone hittings your website website has this purpose first of all and get their attention the second purpose is to grab the informations because they may not ever come back again most people go to websites may never come back and then you don’t remember how you bookmark or anything like that because people don’t book more things so having the opt-in meaning you grab the figure phone numbers some type of information on the Barack Obama com place what the hell are you investigate at the top there is email address in zip code why he wants your email address and wants to know where you are in the country that’s an optic grabbing the information normally a website will have something when their backs are the the back side of devoting the information like a free report a download something that you want on the other side which actually prompt you to give the information so you can get some Jasmine opt-in is fantastic okay now what what other parts are there which well if you go down if you look on the right side the website and start looking down you see that there’s ways to connect with the president twitter facebook linkedin phone numbers basically all the ways you can actually connected to some of them being contact with someone or right there in full view they’re not hidden i have you ever been on a website where you’re trying to figure out what to do next and get lost that’s a confusing website sound if you look at the barack obama calm website you see it is very straightforward the navigation is easy and you don’t get lost so again is no longer able be the perfect website but it’s a good example into a standard or navigability like how do you navigate how to click around and move around connectivity sense how do you contact the person or persons and interaction meaning being how to interact with the website so again those three things really off the priorities in my head of things I were really look for on this particular site and the last thing done thinking of is the shades the dyes are not not glaringly obtrusive aim it’ll become you look at the site and want to run away off-colors whites and maroons all subdued emblazons only there for you to draw your nose exactly what you want you to go phenomenal one of the things that one of the things that David does which I think it’s very valuable he has he will just tell you in a second about it is he actually has an assessment tool where he will be able to tell you how you can realize your website absolutely amazing and he’s also going to be telling you a little bit about that because I think this is something that you unquestionably should make him on because it’s an incredible opportunity for you to get your website from where it is to where you want it to go so if you can tell them a little bit about how that works sure it’s a entanglement assessment it’s an over 100 quality where the system will be looking at from the very top of your area during the bottom of your area and looking at the system to find out what’s there was not there what’s realizing your website drudgery and undoubtedly what is getting in the way of your site labor and we do a little bit more than merely look at your website and tell you what’s working what’s not working we record it for you it’s like a mini lecture for you for your website for your market we look at the website structure the hues is in navigable does it have an offer that they grabbed the opt-in what does it was like how they’re interacting with in the marketplace what’s the the SEO value what strengthens what’s the backlinks Alexa appreciates we look at everything that actually draws the website work or not work and again we record it for you and make it actually so many seminar for you so you can actually get to work on getting your website use and moving towards the goals you demand your website to achieve so that’s one of the things that we do that is a link right here on the sheet that if you went to looking to see what more detailed information are for the web site assessment please exactly click on the link below and you’ll be given more information and we’ll be glad to do that for you and look forward to talking to you something about your website

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