Hey folks welcome to the seven day product challenge and on this challenge I’m going to be walking me through my concoction structure pose, but during the seven day, pricing challenge. A number of people asked me to do a challenge based around automation. So what I’m going to try and do as I amble you through the next seven days. Talk you through the commodity architecture simulate which should underpin all of your businesses and, at the same time try and introduce you to some elements of automation. So interesting that there are seven aspects for the product architecture modeling. So this is going to be very familiar to a lot of you. But I hope that if you, if you enter into this process and look at the automation proficiencies, which I’m going to talk about, you should get some really useful gratuities in terms of how to grow your business in a so much better automated fashion so era. One of the new challenges: basically, we’re, going to be focusing on this first part of the the simulation which is the the sales and marketing the purposes of the the pattern. Now, with a lot of you, I ever talk about how kind of having three core mainstays within your business. So for me it’s, speaking bookings consultations and then coaching so and what I’m doing during those three areas is instructing across all three bits. So actually, what that looks a lot like is, the speaking is selling. The consultations are sales and then the coaching is bringing, so we’re looking at marketing sales and delivery and certainly that’s. What this concoction design prototype is all about, and one feeds on to the next flake. So if there is one part of your business which is missing marketings marketing transmission, then clearly your business isn’t gon na function. You’re not going to find any any promises for your business now. One of the things we did do is during the last seven daylight, challenge, which was the capability 100 was a way of, rather than kind of make, the quantity of commerce and casting the net out and waiting for beings to come to you. The influence 100 was a way of result cold prospects and turning them into warm produces. So if you haven’t already, then delight going to be home and do the supremacy 100. But what I require you to do to start off with is to write a list of resources which you’ve created within your business. So it could be your social media paths. Maybe you ,’ ve got a brochure which you’ve created. Maybe you’ve written a book. Maybe you’ve got a video channel, maybe go to networking incidents all of those sorts of things, so I actually require you to write down a list of all of the ways that you’re marketing your business. At the moment, in terms of like the assets and then in terms of like automation, I miss you to look at how well automated those features. Those resources actually are so a advertisement if it’s in a PDF format. Could you find the best way to, for example, have soul put in their email address and your website and download your advertisement automatically? If you’ve got a book, can they buy it online? Certainly, you’ve got to go to networking occasions, but do you have a follow up process whenever you go to a networking occurrence that that plucks people into some kind of a funnel? So, in such instances, do you have a CRM tool? I use MailChimp, for example. So if somebody applies for a promotional edition of my work or if they book a partner or want to book a consultation, they do my assessment process. All of their details are captured in MailChimp, so at any point, if I want to remarket them, I can merely send out an email shot. I’m also starting to capture their data into an SMS marketing tool as well. So I haven’t exploited it yet, but I’m taking any helpful bits of information, listed, email, address telephone number and address and putting them into CRM platform. So that’s, the first section of automation, which I’m, going to show you on day one. But what I crave you to do for the time being is make a list of those assets. So what what produce assets do “youve had”? What CRM type assets do you have? Are you mustering that data and where and how so download the worksheet answer the two or three questions that are in there and then post your commentaries against the Facebook live feed and we’ll feed back and be seen to what extent other people are also automating their businesses?.

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