bye hey what’s up if you’re watching this you’re interested in building a t-shirt business online now I want to make sure that you understand what you’re getting yourself into and to lay the proper anticipations to help you do that there’s two various kinds of hustlers we’re going to talk about there is the get money hustler and there is the legacy hustler and what does it get coin hustler get coin hustla are the people who are out here taking advantage and employing potential opportunities of you know teespring virtually no at merch by amazon that’s all well and good virtually i’m gonna applied some out into the interwebs I’m gonna become some coin get money hustling good-for-nothing wrong with it now let’s talk about a bequest hustler gift hustlers person that has a long-term perspective they’re not they’re trying to get money to get coin hustler and the legacy hustler are both trying to do the same thing but both are trying to do it in hugely different methodologies I am a gift bustle everything that I do is almost like a Porsche 911 you can look at the very first porsche 911 and be seen to what extent the 2016 -2 017 model was derived from that original model seems completely different more you investigate the lines now everything that bill from an internet purveyor perspective comes from that same home it gazes a bit different today but the Genesis decor is the same now if you’re a come fund hustler you have no such orientation once again it’s not bad it’s not horrendous the thing is as a going coin hustler you’re always restarting you’ll got something it’ll work out for a few months a few years then BOOM give you an example when I first started with conundrum media which was the name of the publishing company which is now hustlers come food I wrote a volume and I didn’t know what was going to happen I simply knew that a lot of people needed to know how storage auction gangs storage auctioneers made and I knew there was a marketplace but I did not know there was not one two three storage auctioneer demonstrates and increase and when I wrote my volume I pulsate those demoes by 14 months so I had a very lovely opportunity where I owned the market for practically two and a half years that’s a normal that’s not something that I could recur because there were so many things that came into alignment that acquired what was already successful even more successful see I don’t say that I got quote luck lucky didn’t write a 269 sheet bible looked at luck had nothing to do with that that was applied effort now arising as a result of that that eight that a normal statu placed me in a do fund hustler situation by default because I knew at some pitch it would be over no incorrect acceptances that all is going for years I’ll be travelling the storage auctioneer thing for the next three decades no frankly I’m surprised it previous as long as it did so that’s what happens with your come fund hustler and roughly 2012 I had to rebrand and reorient what I’m doing now the thing is storage auction contingents making money with self storage contingent auctions A to Z was a business book how to start a business so that’s the core of this direct what occupations I talked about with natures we go especially with this t-shirt business is different methodology but the core is the same because you have a business you have a product you have a service and you need customers to buy so said produce and service that never varies how you make money you sell it you sell more commodity you increase the times that “the consumers ” buys the products these things exactly don’t change so I’m going to layout my t-shirt business and you know once again the best way to manage beliefs is to properly specified them this will not be a get money hustler course it “isnt gonna be” getting fund hustler intelligence so if that’s what you’re looking for you know there’s like I said I think this guy’s name is Donald he’s developed this course and it’s a good course I haven’t taken it I’m not endorsing it I’m not thumping it on how to use facebook ads to sell a lot of t-shirts consuming a teespring scaffold and a lot of beings made a lot of money I’m coming out like 100 km off selling teespring you know using the teespring programme selling those shirts but with that said that is not a sturdy hubbub it’s going to peter out at some time because as more and more beings buy the course as more and more the information becomes diffused as more beings use those tactics they therefore become less effective it’s just going to happen now let’s go with I can roughly see it “its just” the craziest thing I’m going to talk about some sturdy legacies legacy hustlers I can approximately see it edhardy okay that is a sturdy legacy hubbub hustler it hardly went through many different relations became terribly successful turn walker move affluent you know potentially popular is when it shown in in TJ maxx and marshalls and residences like that it is therefore get from a awfully niche particularly exclusive label to a pedestrian label and obliged billions offset billions and Ed Hardy merchandise is still selling that’s a highly durable brand now it’s not you know doing what it did in the beginning but neither but well actually could because you know having researched is I’m just going off the priorities in my president on this because I know about it Hardy but he could have some things like with Ralph Laurette when I was in the storage auction business I learned a great deal about Ralph Lorenz brand purple label you know there’s labels within firebrands within brands so it Hardy may have something similar but you know that’s another this is a good example Oh Ralph Lauren is an extremely sturdy brand it’s become iconic I represent he’ll fucking dead I don’t think I picture his son marry Chelsea Clinton something like that i’m not sure not spreading chitchat I think that’s he’s his son married individual but essentially Ralph Lauren is like is entered into the same atmosphere as Chanelle her mez Vanderbilt there’s just sure-fire brands they’re just gonna be around a long long time uh hello kitty stream charming you know hello kitty is not new hello kitty was reckon develop 1979 that’s how long hello kitty has been available 79 80 there’s one but it’s been around 30 some years that large-scale 37 once again I’ll do a real blank nondurable label now with durable brands it takes time to develop and this is why I’m just saying like looking if you’re looking for a do money gyp if you’re looking for some quick is secure to go the hustlers come through life sciences com plenty of material there for do coin stuff it’s free thump yourself out but if you are that creator someone that wants to build something someone that likes to be imaginative and is willing to tinker and to explore because just to be clear there will be these videos that I’ll do on YouTube and then there are be the videos that I will do in the course i will give multitudes i will give screenshots know you know there’s questions about what will i talk about i will get down to the nitty gritty now going back to the firstly attack you know with teespring and now all of that material didn’t really used to work that well it is I’ve learned a lot from its own experience when you couple a physical make with a digital commodity it establishes it more presence and it stirs it more real many people have a subconscious problem with buying digital makes because you know there’s some people who need to see touch feel extremely older demographic they would like to see these and things like that it’s just I don’t get enough of the man for me to go through all those things maybe in the future but virtually many people have a problem because they spend this coin and they don’t really get anything you know you spend money you go to a concert you got your ticket stub when you spend money or you fixing t-shirts or something you need that fasten of something physical to help you appreciate and support your use of fund so that’s one of the reasons why that I’m incorporating the t-shirts because like i said the nitty-gritty the numbers the spaces all of the stuff that I’m going through dealing with designers may be creating a designer resource establishing you know systems opportunities and stuff all that’s going to be part of the paid track it’s not going to be on YouTube but there’ll be plenty of what I announce material that happens in business to talk about on YouTube you got a friend you’ve probably you actually do the interrogation with his identify is Erin Murray know he has a men’s grooming product that he put under a few years ago they were talking his product realise 38 thousand dollars the first year which was not benefit the second year he did either a hundred and eighty or one mid something like that something like that I have to look at but the thing is his first year and Aaron is a savvy business guy he understands things take time so he didn’t trip over the 38 splendid because they were building the symbol I introducing that to you because typically if you’re like looking for getting money hustle stuff your continue you won’t require this course you’re going to be disappointed because you’re looking for some that you can go out and then sprinkle some hustled us on something you determine some fund instant that’s not this kind of course this is more for p want to build a durable bequest nature gyp someone who is maybe you’ve got this symbol that you created and you just haven’t been able to figure out how to push it out there maybe you need to redo the mentality going to talk a lot about labelling we’re going to talk a lot about commerce because from writing my book anything I threw the length extent of writing this report radicals that was a member of before everyone just got mad at me writing a book is ten percent of the book success and I know countless people will disagree with me that’s like writing the book has everything to do a success now writing a book is ten percent which is hard which is going to take a lot out of you but marketing is ninety percent of the success of the book now or anything and we talk about marketing if a friend reads the book and recommends that book to another friend that’s marketing is called wear them out but it still is called a referral this referrals that’s still sell you still need it and it is necessary to fairly push to get your book into enough sides for the referral device to start working which still takes commerce so those just some of the stuff we’re talking about and just some of the things that I want to put out the people to let people know for parties to understand what’s going down how we’re doing this so you don’t come in with the wrong laid of beliefs because as I “re going through” these intends and a lot of stuff is going to happen this isn’t going to happen overnight meet I previously have a platform and previously have an email list and already have some attention as much attention as i would like but I have some tending so I can prepare some sales so with that said I’m going to need to actually put under information that is going to help you appreciate and really dig deep in you to create your firebrand now once again there’s all various kinds of hacks out there there are all kinds of tactics you know there’s because the get money hustler is closely aligned with the tactical hustler and when I say tactical i’m not talking about military strategy I’m talking about someone let’s go back to the Facebook affinity group teespring methodology of selling t-shirts that’s the tactic it wields it acts there are people who cleared millions use that tactic nonetheles once again as a come coin hustler or a tactical driven hustler you’re always restarting a better thing would be able to know maybe have a tactic while you’re working on something durable because see this is the thing that’s going to happen you gonna get to a site where you’re not gonna require a bustle like that all the time I still hustle very difficult than the average person but my elevation of hubbub is nothing compared to my statu of hustle what my husband used to be I symbolize my hustle was like on steroids and this is the dial down hustle because formerly you improve some things you don’t have to hustle that hard you can start to think about strategy and you can sit back and you can take you know the time that’s needed you should still have a sense of urgency don’t get it misjudging that you shouldn’t have a sense of urgency you should you should still have a sense of urgency but you should also have some strategy and use your thing in a manner that you’re you know really to be succinct have a good fund gyp to pay the statutes to pay the mortgage reached a auto payment to set menu on the table and then have a durable gyp that you’re working on that once you get wise improved again give you a good example of Murray folio she has this thing that’s called b-school considers she’s been selling it since 2010 i’m not sure but each year she opens it up and determines thousand of dollars you know I’m quite sure the product in his reminiscence is like a super savvy operating right sure these best practices you know modernized and she makes stuff in but she has created they hustle a sturdy legacy gyp that is a community because b-school alums collaborate and they do business with each other so it’s really really nice thing that she’s built but ensure the thing is is built and it’s kind of like when the airplane gives off and airliner utilizes a phenomenal sum of menu a miraculous amount of ga yeah I’m hungry stupendous quantity of fuel to take off but once it’s up doesn’t do that much field fuel so formerly your hustle contacts a certain level you’ll still have to use effort but it’s almost as if it goes on autopilot um or yeah it’s almost like it goes on autopilot does it take as much effort you are operating at a higher level you’re making more fund but you’re not working as hard and the equity the sweat equity that goes into building the brand all of those months weeks perhaps years where you weren’t concluding that much money you’re compensating your dosage you see this over and over in business you see this all over the place and that’s one of the things that I want to bring to this course with a awfully stunning elevation of world because once again I’m in a lot of Facebook groups and I examine a lot of people and I know what they’re doing and how much they’re spending and I know they’re real tactics and though I’m not going to name lists I don’t email me asking me who because if report is not going to benefit you because if you’re not in action if you’re not in motion if you’re not starting something happening knowing who what why and what they’re doing doesn’t benefit you because you’re not in the war you’re not out here fighting you’re not in the inner hustling you’re just on the corner with a penetrating desire to get in but you’re kind of waiting for the excellent opportunity and I can tell you there is no perfect opportune you have to compile the excellent opportunity going back to the storage auction book if I didn’t write that journal nothing of this would have happened none of it nothing of it “wouldve happened if” I didn’t write that record the book was the above reasons so with everything’s that you have in your spirit things that wishes to hustle on time start putting it out there no merely a little reminder to everyone about what’s going on with this course how we going to do it I don’t really expect a lot of beings to make this course I know that sounds crazy because a lot of people don’t want to work that hard but if i can get a good 50 well actually it’s going to be more than that because if you’re a member of hustlers come dojo you automatically get this course you know we’re sending out emails and everybody should by tomorrow be included that’s paid their monthly because everything yo every time every day we go through people who cancel and you know that’s where they stop they’re not going to get the brand-new nonsense so you know if you sign up with hustler’s kungfu dojo 150 horses a month each month there’s a new course or courses whatever happens that month that you’re agreed you get you get to keep and yeah that’s the best cope so for those working folks who already signed up and you know once again this is probably going to go up but if you want to get in the time to get in this now because it started off at 39 then they went to 49 then it mounted up to 99 99 now it’s 150 and because as I had more appraise to the platform and i’ll talk about this and you know gyps kung fu dojo about what i’m doing and how you can do it too because the thing is you need to have a lot of different business patterns operating in your scaffold it truly helps out tremendously with continuing your stress level down impeding your income high and pushing forward your business schedule it really really cures i symbolize dangerously it exactly does so I’ll only you know talk about a lot of that stuff in the dojo and if you want to subscribe to the dojo relations below be sure to come in and we’ll hook you up

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