Sell is an important component of any business approach and this is especially true for small businesses that don’t have the name recognition of major brands and concoctions to fall back on sell agencies everywhere continue to rely on the four PS of marketing and small business issue make sure you do the same so that they connect with customers and their companies and commodities are able to compete in the marketplace so here’s the ramshackle of marketing’s four PS and how to apply them to your small business the four PS of commerce our product toll lieu and advertisement and they all relate back to positioning yourself effectively to grab the attention of the target market that you’re after you have to know who your target grocery is where your target market is and what they value before you can effectively use the four PS to access them make is about everything related to how patrons ensure the make itself the high quality aspects packing and branding etc you need to produce a produce that your target clients will want to buy if you sell computers for example do they have the right amount of RAM the privilege processing velocities for your customers a 65 time old grandmother that just wants to be able to email pictures of her grandkids isn’t looking for the same facets as someone who uses the computer for graphic design movie editing or software development while you may target more than one group at the same time you need to be cognizant that the product or concoctions you offer are what the customer will crave don’t open a computer store catering to Grandma’s and sell only souped-up top-of-the-line computers with a thousand bells and whistles price is pretty self-explanatory how much do you bill the customer for what you sell but it also includes things like capacity deductions tickets publicities and payment terms again your pricing needs to make sense for your purchaser locate and will toy important roles in your brand’s reputation do you want to be a premium brand or to target middle or low income purchasers some clients flock to different firebrands because of their fee status a Toyota with all of the extras really is a Lexus but parties will still buy a Lexus itself because it’s a higher status brand and they feel differently about driving around with the Lexus symbol on the car for all to see than with the Toyota symbol therefore you need to be deliberate with your pricing decisions to protect your brand but you also need to be realistic and competitive how is your product priced in the market compared to your entrants if you go too low beings will question your quality if you go too high people won’t see any value how are your perimeters you don’t want to get avaricious and bill style too much but you can’t chipped your perimeter so slim as is necessary to do big loudness to make any money remember price is about value you have to prove the value of your make versus others at whatever cost place prefer regions about where and how patrons buy your produce you need to understand place so that you make sure you’re retrieving the title distribution channels if 99% of the person or persons that buy widget X want to do so online a dealer of widget X probably should not open up a bricks and mortar storefront but let’s say your product is sold in stores you have to get deeper than that what type of collects oblige the most sense where in the supermarket should the commodity are accommodated where on the Shelf should the product be located where do your opponents sell and how can you position your product more effectively to beat them every aspect of produce placement matters and again it can affect your firebrand dramatically selling at Whole Meat provides your brand with a different caches and selling from a vending machine and finally promotion is about what parties generally think of as commerce in auctions it’s the advertising direct marketing and public relations they get your firebrand in front of patrons are you going to pay for an ad on television or are you going to focus on social media marketing big multinationals have seemingly perpetual budgets to promote across all paths all the time but as a small business owner it’s all the more important for you to know where your target purchasers are and when they’re there so that you can develop a low-cost yet effective publicity programme do some experiment to figure out the best way to reach your target audience and then be sure to move the return on investment of any advertisements that you use the four PS of sell genuinely lay the groundwork for making sure that your company and its concoctions make it into your purchasers sides they’ll all interact with one another to form a full picture of your firebrand that your customer sees so be careful not to overlook any of them or you’ll be peril the success of your busines I hope you saw this tutorial supportive retain to follow me on Twitter and subscribe to this channel for more tips quirks 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