Welcome to this video lesson from FAN System, where I tell you would like to give you the 10 best tips for your online market today! Qualitative customer growth with a plan! The sell direct by and with Christian Seigwasser. My name is Christian Seigwasser and today we will take a look at the 10 largest and most best tips-off on the subject of online marketing together. First: quality instead of quantity! A particular quantity of content is already necessary. But make sure that it has a certain class. Because only mass: that doesn’t work either! There you will find your middle ground and a perfect combination. Second: Always create added value! There is no point in writing about how great and beautiful your busines is, How large and successful you are as an financier. Sure, you can take your customers and prospects on a trip with you You can of course likewise subconsciously perceive what you have already achieved: what great decisions you are generating. What enormous services and products you drawing. But not everything should revolve around that! Create added value! The adherents of your website, your canal, your podcast, Your Facebook channel, whatever … have some of it! Offer them something that will make them happy to follow you! Third: Content First! I am a supporter of good content sell! A sure-fire quantity of pushing marketing likewise starts appreciation wherever we work with ads. But material – good content – ensures that customers come to you on their own Demand starts. A suction develops I want to achieve that for you and your firm I have dedicated myself to this and it is fun when I experience in my clientele: Once content has been placed, you can feel constant demand over the years! Fourth: Pictures Envisions say more than a thousand terms! Get feelings! Create beautiful videos that your patrons will cherish! Not all slides are similar! A good depict is a message that invites parties to interact positively with you! Made to ensure that your characterizations are mostly provided with positive, radiant parties! For example, if you sell lives: Don’t really directory rooms! But set happy homeowners in the foreground! If you sell cars, the same.Are you a instruct: glad meeting members! As a teach: a joyou exercise member! No matter what you do, it is possible to involve happy parties everywhere! Even if you sell machines, there are happy consumers who are satisfied that the government has hired you Create this feelings alliance! The more technological your product, the more affections you are able to produce! Pay attention to it on Tv: Take a look at the advertising blocks to see what the big companies are doing. It is unbelievable how many happy beings laugh at you in a short period of time. You probably come across 30, 40 or 50 smiling faces that rafter at you in 3 minutes Responsive scheme is an essential station Responsive intend signifies: everything has to be consistent When “youre starting” your online market undertakings, made to ensure that your website and arriving page are designed in such a way that it is also clearly visible via mobile machines Choose a suitable font size, desirable epitomes which can also be seen wonderfully on smartphones and tablets The majority of websites are accessed using mobile devices these days Therefore, accept intend has become an important point Here on my channel I have my own YouTube tutorial on accept layout Look at it! The best thing to do is subscribe to my channel right away so you don’t miss anything! There you are able to too find the video: How to build a perfect landing page, etc. Likewise recommended: www.kundenwachsen.de There you will find even more downloads, best practice lessons and much more. all about marketing Sixth, controller procedures Online marketing without button is not online marketing! We can monitor everything in online marketing today! This was not possible in the past You used to arrange an ad hoping it are now working Today you are eligible to evaluate everything exactly So use these implements too. Pay attention to how many pilgrims “youve had” per ad. First of all, check how many visitors you have on your website Have you already installed Google Analytics or other plug-ins? In other statements, modules with which you can evaluate where your tourists collected from How numerous sees do you have a week, a few months? What kind of people are they? The ensure is big today It offers you a high level of effectiveness in areas of online sell Seventh: search engine optimization Another important place is that we have a high findability in the search engines It’s not just Google.There’s Bing, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. We should rank ourselves there and be easy to find everywhere Just relying on SEO is not the magic bullet Search machine optimization and structure a website should be part of the marketing mix The SEO optimized is to play a significant role Don’t told the content go bad at the expense of search engine optimization But find a healthy offset Corporate identity Even as a small business owner, you can create a uniform appearance The more regalium and clear your form, the more you will be perceived as a firebrand You are specified higher in the customer’s heart Maybe that chimes strange The more pleading the corporate identity, the more we see in the subconscious That this fellowship is an built fellowship A corporation that has something to say and also has good quality and a lot of know-how Ninth: competition What’s going on in your contender? are you always in the leading edge of your nose or do you be extended beyond that? Do you witness what the more successful competitor is doing? It’s not about wrestling with your adversary from the neighboring town That is not the goal! There is certainly a company in your manufacture that is higher up and more successful than you So it definitely existing within my area If you have achieved everything in Germany, look in another country to see if someone is more successful than you See what they do differently You don’t have to reinvent everything.They have recently been demonstrated a good deal and elapsed them on to us So be interesting to the competitor. But only those who are more successful There are also very good tools for this I have placed a link in the Facebook Marketing section With this you can analyze your opponent perfectly It’s unbelievable what is possible there. Look at it! Too take a look at the other videos on the subject of Facebook Marketing on this direct It’s incredible what’s possible How to analyze the competition 10. Stay progressive! Do not fall asleep. That is really a motto So that signifies don’t exactly look at what the rival is doing also encounter what corporations from outside the industry are doing I often learn from successful , non-industry firms who are service-oriented service providers than I am today I envisage: “whats being” I take over and learn lessons from them See what this constitutes possible I used to take over so much from the service industry at my catering firm As a decision, I was always a little different from the others This is guaranteed to be possible with you too.I surely wish it for you You don’t have to reinvent the rotation to do this. Think outside the box Visit more successful corporations. Ask for an appointment The doors are often open there. Maybe a great partnership will result In any case, I wish you every success in your systematic purchaser increment I’ll give you the gratuity: be sure to tour my place! www.kundenwachsen.de There you will find several downloads, best rehearsal lessons and a podcast from me More videos from me on the subject of online and offline marketing … and much, much more! I look forward to you when you inspect me! Otherwise, be sure to subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss another important video Until then, good luck with your systematic purchaser raise. Your Christian Seigwasser You are also welcome to find further downloads at: www.kundenwachsen.de.

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