what I’m about to tell you is the most important thing about starting the business it’s often overlooked and some people spend a lifetime and never do this one thing once again you cannot start a business unless you do this one thing and I don’t care what you do how much you plan it and all this other nonsense is never going to happen so in this video I’m gonna give you the biggest secret ever hey this is gluten Cameron founder of hustlers kungfu allay is secure to get your free 19 business trends that are directly below this video check out the first statement now what will these courses do for you they’ll help you start a business I’ll help you fix your credit shoot they might even help you get your child support case rejected and much much more once again run below act today and get your free 19 business trends now let’s get into this video okay here it is here’s the biggest secret ever get started that’s it is starting if you don’t have any fund so what get started if you have enough money so what get started if you feel that you’re unprepared get started if you need to get a second job and to save up enough coin to start your business get started virtually as long as you continue to go on with these hypothetical situations of you achieving your business goals while remaining risk-free you will forever say in the starting slot which is you’ll be coming a lot of research you’ll be reading the liberty journals you’ll are still in the liberty Facebook radicals you’ll be of the cold all this knowledge but you haven’t started and until you is starting and more importantly deal with the mistakes deal with the frustration and stand locked you’re never going to build a business it’s just not going to happen it’s not enough to stay started for a week it’s not enough to stay started for even a year you have to get in and be invested for the long haul that’s it that’s the best thing I can tell you it won’t be right it won’t be excellent but if you never ever get started it will never ever happen one of the most difficult questions I get and I settled these in the two categories of probability questions is should i do this is this gone if the market inundated anything that’s predicating loss I’m rushing into the t-shirt business which is extremely saturated and I don’t give a damn because I’m going to winning you should have that mindset and even if you go into the marketplace and you don’t acquire at least you’re going to come out with a lot of information or insight learning a lot of experience you didn’t have before many of these CEOs of these failed Internet firms that managed to hang on for two to five years have no problem finding a job and I’m not talking about a minimum wage job some of these undertakings are six and seven anatomies why it is seasoned directors they dealt with all the stress and pressure of a start-up and depending on why their business didn’t make it they can easily get funding for another business venture or a enterprise readily since they are get started and they did something so that’s pretty much it this is the shortest video of the whole series be sure to go and watch video number one all the way through 20 watch them several times and you’re going to get the information that you need this start your business fast all right this is Glendon Cameron hopefully you enjoyed this serious be sure to like subscribe and comment below and once again be sure to get your free 19 business trends it’s one of the first associates below and it should be the first comment under the video you

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