hi I’m Robin Waite author of best-selling book online business startup and this is a brief video about my take on how you can use LinkedIn to benefit your small business so my first tip is about how to use LinkedIn to get marketings and heads for your business so this is one of the premium aspects of LinkedIn so you have to have a paid-for account they’ve got three different ranks of history which you can use one of those being that you can use it to filter and associates on LinkedIn and target them precisely on turnover and number of employees and the niche which they they sit within so what what product service sector they sit within and this can be a really powerful thing because if you merely want to get a book of people who who may like your products or services and it’s just a really quick and easy way of coming those and that one of the benefits of it is that you could and if you were to do a campaign for example you could sign up to the premier services for a month get all of the data out of it that you need and then start to contact those people who you concluded likewise you can see through the premium services who’s viewed your profile so these these beings I consider to be kind of warm neat so for some reason they’re interested in me and my business and they’ve come to have a look at me so if I picture an opportunity that maybe they’re looking at me because they might be interested in my products or services there’s an in there so I’m from from LinkedIn you can get their website address you could go and find the telephone number on their website give them a immediate call after them by identify say examination hey I simply “ve seen you” examined and appear me up on LinkedIn do you want to have a chat about our products or services is there anything I can help you with and because they’re familiar with you it kind of you’ve already built up a little layer of trust and hopefully that will help you get through some of those gatekeepers perhaps when you’re making those bellows one of the other powerful and implements within LinkedIn is the groups so these are groups of users and who talk collectively about same themes and again they like Google+ sphere and like Google+ as parishes they tend to be really passionate about what they’re talking about and also I encountered they tend to be filled with people asking questions and so they’re asking for help for a specific subject matter so you might want to join those groups and get them get subscribed to them so they drop into your inbox and if you determine a question in there that you can ask go in and expect it and heated such person or persons up they then might say oh well this certainly even that seemed to know a lot about this it might be an opportunity to sell brand-new products or services I know it’s a bit hard line but likewise merely throwing making know-how out for free just like I’m doing now just construct rely with people and to be fair like it establish you feel a bit better about yourself as well hopefully and so join join in with those discussions as much as you can it’ll draw people to you so this is more about like good lingo so rather than push selling propagandizing your products and services on simply give them a bit in that free know how they’ll come and check out your your profile and then hopefully they’ll be all those people who constitute that first that that touch base with you first rather than you having to reach out to them so there could be lots of benefits of using the all of the LinkedIn groups which are available out there and one of the key things or most common misstep that people perform when they connect with other beings it’s just to hitting the large-hearted blue connect button and what that does is it sends a really like meaningless message like which says I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn so there’s none of your identity goes into that and to be fair I kind of if parties merely route me those boring like that the standard LinkedIn connects invites unlike if I know them yet immense I’ll abide it but if it’s somebody who I especially if I don’t know this is the important flake I don’t know then I’d like to see something personalised in there hey Rob I watched that video that you talking about LinkedIn it’s really interesting I’d like to connect you maybe we can chat more so by writing that sense in there when you and that connection invite out it exactly personalized it it’s just a little more friendly and a bit more warm don’t merely don’t really send out the stocks like LinkedIn and invite sometimes you don’t get the choice but if you do get the choice like personalise that word the fourth tip-off is to ensure that on your Linkedin your personal LinkedIn profile page and you’ll you can add a LinkedIn business page as well that your label and identity is conducive to your website and all of your other social media charts this just makes if somebody lookings to your LinkedIn page they go and view your website that it’s not disorient to them so it’s consistent and they recognize your your symbol your badge who you are and what you’re about again so it doesn’t subconsciously they’re looking there’s going to list it doesn’t quite add up why is that so make sure your brand is consistent on your LinkedIn page and it’s consistent with your website and everything else so merely to summarise those key points LinkedIn is really good for get direct sales heads and this is obviously one of their ointment payment service and but you can highly target parties based on their business sector and many demographics of the business get involved with LinkedIn groups and give people free advice and that will draw beings to you make sure that you have the right you’re using the title decorum so you’re you’re preferably merely stumbling the connect button you’re sending them a personalised meaning and finally made to ensure that your brand and name is consistent on LinkedIn as well as on your website and other social media profile so that so that and there’s no fluster when someone prances between one social media profile on your website so thanks very much for watching I hope you ascertained this video about LinkedIn really helpful if you want to subscribe and learn more videos then satisfy do and if you’ve got any specific questions about LinkedIn then please leave them in the comments carton below

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