hey welcome to the journey today we’re talking about applying hashtags with your business let’s hash it out[ Music] with me today to talk about hashtags with your business is Emma what so I’m good so I’m Emma really excited to be joined with you today and “re going through” hashtags let’s hash it out I symbolize y’all familiar with them right you’ve seen them what what is a hashtag so a hashtag is essentially that pound typify in front of a word and that turns it into a clickable text right look if I demanded tacos and it’s Tuesday I really examine hashtag Taco Tuesday like you’re saying and seizure me some immense tacos yeah so the good thing about hashtags is gather free yeah it’s gonna help you to be found but there’s still a lot of wrong ways to use them so I want to dive into the best rules of how to use a hashtag today so let’s hash it out let’s do it all right cool so Justin how many poles have been done with hashtag cookies so looks like 19 million whoa okay so while you do want to piggyback off of these popular trending hashtags you likewise for your business you want to come up with a more unique one have you done that yet I have it all right what sorry new here help me out okay totally so what’s the name of your business blur label have you ever thought about doing a hashtag that’s just your business list let’s see how it widely-used it is all right so we type in hashtag upscale your label yeah your brand name if I can type one pole okay so this is actually immense so by adding upskill your brand to your announce then you can not only get more show for you but then encourage your customers to use it and then you can get user-generated content okay yeah we like build a community around that hashtag inverse them to post that – utterly wishes to too research other hashtags because you’re not gonna precisely use one how do I research they’ll like you know a start coming up with identifies kind of like the brain drop yeah various kinds of like the rain down but when you’re on a established scaffold so in this case you’re on Instagram you just go to the search bar okay and then from there you can search try a broad one for what you do something very broad not specific to your brand name well exactly personal symbol cool so this way you’re seeing okay how many affixes are out there with this and we appreciate there’s 206 thousand eight hundred fifty-nine uprights so that’s obviously most popular than the one that we used before what we recommend is using a combination of the two so when when coming up to these things I know you said a little broad is there a certain number that I want to kind of look at right how many things that are posted yeah so you don’t want to go over boy don’t do 30 hashtags all right so we recommend two so you stay relevant keep it around three to five you can experiment with more and if it works for your brand by all means go for it but three to five is a good sugared recognize and you’re not overwhelming your gathering and you’re still keeping it relevant so you all probably have had that friend whatever it is you look at their situation and they’re just going on a tangent of really silly hashtags that simply realize zero ability to what they’re doing or their brand the other thing I recommend to besides exactly having a hashtag in your caption is replacing oaths that you’re already saying so I talked a good deal about social media okay and so when I is now going do a show let’s say in Florida at the restaurant Food Show I’m gonna use the hashtag of the meat prove so I get in front of more of the attendees I’m gonna application my personal one which is hashtag roars and learn all right I dig it and then the other one I do is I’ll do a localised one so that’s another one so if I’m in Orlando for the seminar okay I’m gonna use any localised cuz then that was someone who never they do not know about me they do not know what I do in social media but they’re exploration hashtag Orlando for whatever maybe to eat right and then I have a chance to come up right hashtags at the venue – yeah precisely and then replacing phrases so perhaps I do a situation I came are talking here about the mic at the prove and I’m doing this great seminar the crowd disappears wild someone takes a picture I’m like textbook that to me I’m gonna settled that my social media so I go on Twitter and I demo this picture of me with the mic and I write you know out here in hashtag Orlando giving great hashtag social media tips for neighbourhood heroes so then you’re mostly replacing that motto for the hashtag okay obliges ability and it kind of merely spurts instead of only that block yeah and because you want to keep your captions short short and sweet okay what else about Stags do I need to know to make sure I’m relevant so just continuing up on the trends so this is something that’s always deepening right so what might be trendy now could be gone tomorrow so keeping up with that search bar to know what’s out there what’s trending you can even Google this so then you’re super related ok and now is there a difference of the hashtags I use maybe on Instagram or Twitter or do we even use hashtags on Facebook you can yeah I make Facebook Twitter Instagram if you’re using them on LinkedIn I would stop is everything but absolutely just go to each programme treat it separate ok they are their own entities they have their own algorithms they have their own spirit so I would just encourage you if you have one you’re looking ya like hashtag personal symbol go over on Twitter see the relevancy there I was talking to this guy he owned a barber shop and basically the business was so gradual he’s like I don’t get person in my store like Todd a I’m I’m not gonna be able to I’m going to close my entrances so I was like you know what hop on Twitter of course he looked at me like where is this guy I said go to search hashtags about going your hair trimmed hashtag blows or no thuds in your regional arena so we did it in San Diego where his barbershop was and from there we learnt people in real time that we’re looking for a haircut okay so we commissioned instant business yeah accurately invite them on in thank you so much Emma for taking the time to help us better understand hashtags and all the relevancy Rosie at home make sure you subscribe to the channel to know when these videos are coming out next this has been the excursion we’ll told you next time you

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