( upbeat music) -[ Announcer] Today on “USANA Talk, ” find out how one yearmade all the difference for the Americas andEurope’s Rookie of the Time, Jericho Orlina. – Right, the count can change, but nothing will change unless you do. -[ Announcer] And host Jeannie Price, Executive Vice President of Sales for the Americas, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand ogles back on a year ofastonishing USANA achievements, despite the snags of a world-wide pandemic. It’s the talk of USANA, today on “USANA Talk.” – Hello, and welcome to “USANA Talk, ” a livestream experiencespotlighting the talk of USANA. I hope you assembled ChiefSales Officer David Mulham, and transcend USANA community makes Jared and Crystal Crebs last week for our exciting aviator episode.They discussed how switching up your focus between consistent behaviorand explode of task are key to creating apowerful USANA community. It was just so fun to getto know this delectable duo, and hear their USANA story. So if you missed it, you canfind it on require right here on USANA’s YouTube channel. Today, we’re talking to JerichoOrlina from Alberta, Canada. You’re about to find out howthis small town rising star is building a big community, going from brand-new associateto Diamond Director in exactly 11 months. Let’s making him on now. Hello, Jericho, how are you? – Hey, Jeannie, I’m good.I’m very excited. This is honestly a dream is true for me being interviewed here, and I never visualized I’dbe wearing my sweatpants on my first interview, butit is what it is, right? I’m grateful. – Great. Well, listen, Jericho, without voice too much like a healer, I wanna back up and talk about your childhood. You were actually born in the Philippines. Tell me what it was like growing up there. – Boy, it was so different. You know, the community, theenvironment was very different.But I predict one thingthat stood out for me was when my dad moved here to Canada was when I was younger. And I was just basicallywatching everyone around me labour so hard, you know, to get a better life. But somehow, watching everyone working very hard, that’s, I think that’sthe time when I realized that working hard is not enough. You got to put your hard workin a great opportunity, too. So I think that’s kind of what gave me the desire to be successful. – Well, that’s so great. Well, “ve been told”, why did youmove to Alberta, Canada? – Yeah, well, we moved hereabout five or six years ago, and my daddy moved here firstly. I feel, I was, I was only1 1, or 10 at the time. So I was mostly separatedwith him for like five, or I imagine more than seven years, right? And so, we moved here as a family when everything got managed and fixed.- Oh my goodness. So doing the math, thatmakes you a Diamond Director at time 21 year olds. That’s amazing. Were you familiar with USANA before you began yourjourney as an associate? – Yeah, well, it’s a funny story,’ cause I’ve known about USANAin the Philippines back then for about 10 years once. But at the time, my now mentor, I was in a school. His dad has a school, so that’s where I disappeared for middle school.I grew up, and I’vebeen experience him around, and I felt, “Hey, whyis this guy so successful? ” Right, he had all these cars, and he gaped very successful. So I was very curious about it, but I never looked into it, right? But I was very doubtful with it, until fast-forward when we moved here, I was working two jobs here in Canada. So that’s when I startedhearing that my sister, my up-line( chortles) was doing it part-time. So I never looked at it. I was very resistant to it. But when I went tired of my job, that’s when it all happened. I started asking her how muchare you giving at the time. So at the time they were Silver Directors. So that’s when I got puzzled about it. But then during that time Iwas very into working out. So it wasn’t the business at first. It was more about the products for me. So I was working out, I enjoyed fitness. I was looking for productsthat would help me with my joints, with convalescence, and all that kind of stuff.And so, I did my researchout of curiosity, right? So when I did that, Ifigured there’s a lot of competitors who are using USANA, right? And the credibility of thecompany, it was so awesome. And I started doing it, my experiment about it, and then my sister “ve been given” free concoctions. So after a month or so of using it, that’s when I felt the difference. – So you started off as aPreferred Customer, is that right? So what converted your subconsciou aboutbecoming an associate then? How did that happen? – Yeah, you are familiar with, Iget that question plenties, but basically for me, afterusing the products for a while, I was so tired of running, right? I succeeded two jobs before.And so, I was searching fora opportunity to work online, start up a business. But I figured I was lookingfor commodities, a direction to start. I was so lost on howto get started, right? I was gonna go intobusiness school primarily, but then I figured, hey, ifI’m utilize these concoctions, and they’re amazing, and Ibelieve in it, and I love it, like literally, I adore theproducts, I’m apply it anyways, I figured I realise USANA as a practice to start,’ movement I enjoy, you are familiar with, for me, I imagine if you wannastart up a business, it has to be a productthat you believe in, right? So I figured the products are already provided. They’re the best, and USANAtakes care of that for us. So one thing that I quality mostnext is mentorship, right? So now I figured, okay, the products are given. They’re great, I don’tneed to do any study. Everything’s set up for me. Now, where do I start? That’s where mentorship comes in. And for me, I believe mentorship really hastens up the process for everyone.Plus, the community isgreat, the values of USANA. And so, I started sharingit with my social media, my notions, my costs, theproducts, and everything, and that’s where I started. – Wow, and son, you grewyour business quickly going from PreferredCustomer to new accompanied to Diamond Director in only 11 months. Tell us how you did that. – Well, for me, one of themain things that “ve been given”, you are familiar with, I see a breakthroughwith the business was when I attended the GlobalConvention a year ago, right? So I was there.I had this. So I was an Achiever then. So I had this, this was my ID at the time. I was walking around, and no one knew me at the time. I was there, I was so excited, but everyone was literallyjust walking past me. No one knew me, right? But watching everyone tread on the stage, going all the gifts, I think that’s kind of whatgave me that depth want that if they can do it, ifthousands of people can do it, then I can do it, right?’ Cause mostly, we’re allsharing the same concoctions, we’re all sharing the same company, the same compensation plan. So if they can do it, I can do it. It’s up to me, right, to learn it. And for me, I is confident that, you know, there’s greatness in all of us. Sometimes you just got to put in, put yourself in that opportunity, and you are familiar with, precisely don’t go back. Don’t hold back, and not limit yourself.When I was on that stage, Ihave a picture there, right. I was up on stage watchingthe Gold Directors walking on stagecoach, right? And that’s when I madea promise to myself. Literally, I was up, I was up there, I closed my attentions, and Imade a promise to myself that the subsequent year it won’t be me applauding for everyone, but I’m gonna be on that stage next year, and everyone will be clapping for me. – That is so inspiring, and applaud for you they did, even though in this strange year, it was actually a virtual kudo. In August, let’s telleverybody, you were recognized at the Americas andEurope Virtual Convention , is not merely as AE’s Rookie of the Time, but quantity three top emergence, a top pacemaker designer, number two associate enroller. Well remarkable. Tell me, did you set outto win all these allotments? – You know, the funny thingis I’m a brand-new accompanied, right? So I didn’t know most of these accolades,( roars) but I did gofor Rookie of the Year. I heard about Rookie of the Year, and I figured you simply have one shot to get the award, andthat’s on your first year.So I went for that. It kind of gave me a great timeline,’ case one of my mentorstoo got the award, so I asked him how do I get onto, right? So you only have one shot. That’s your first year. So I gave myself a timeline. It gave me a lot of urgency for myself. So I kind of gave myselfthat entire year to focus, and you know, as you sounds the saying, six months or a year of hardcore focus can put you five years ahead in life-time, and that’s what happened tome, and I’m grateful for that. So I didn’t plan on the other gives. They were outcomes of merunning for Rookie of the Year, but I’m hoping to get theother ones this coming year( chortles) for sure.- Yeah, winning them hadto feel pretty good, right? – Yeah, yeah, they’re amazing. I enjoy it. The feeling, it’s amazing, right? But as I got the awards, accolades are one thing, but you know, for me, what I evaluated most after going the gifts, after getting those were, was the rise that happenedto me with my mindset, my leadership, the skills thatI got along the way, right, and of course the number of people that I get to help along the way. It’s very fulfilling, and of course, remember I stimulated that promiseto myself a year ago, right? And only getting in that moment, it was very supernatural for me, and I’m very grateful for all of it. – You are such an spurring young captain, and you’re living in a small town of nearly 10,000 people. Yet, you are building a big community. I make, tell us how you’re doing that, especially during a pandemic. – Yeah, I get that a lot. But with the pandemic, you are familiar with, it’s something out of our control.So for me, what I alwaystell everyone is that we’re all going throughthe same thing, right? But we can’t controlwhat happens around us. So I always tell my crew that it’s not about what happens to you, it’s about what the hell are you dowith what happens to you. So for me, it was a blessingin disguise that before, even before the pandemic happened, I was, I started building online. So I had a system designed for it. So I was kind of cooked. And of course, right now, you know what, for me, one thing thatI learned is that 2020 is a year, it’s a veryeye-opening year for everyone, wherein everyone around us realise the value of their health, the value of having another source of income, and you know what, that’s where we come in. That’s where we, that’swhere USANA comes in, right? Now is the best time toput yourself out there in social media, share about our concoctions, share about the opportunity that we have, educate people about thevalue of their own health more, the value of having anothersource of income, right? And I think there’s a lot of beings that deserves to hear about this.And for me, when I startconnecting to them, I only feel greedy if I don’t share this opportunity to them, right, knowing that it would help them big time. – Oh my goodness, that’s so great to hear. So as you improve this big community, tell us how you fostersuch special relationships with your patrons. – Yeah, well, with my clients, right, I would like to start as a Preferred Customer, so I know them for certain, that products are everything for them. So of course, one thing isproviding more education about the products, you are familiar with, a lot of product instructs, and watching out for their, making remembrances for automobile tells as well.And for me, patrons are very important for the stability of our business, and as for my, some ofmy patrons, like me, they transition into affiliates, and for the associatesthat come in my business, I basically perform them andhelp them improve their business. – That’s great, serving outlook. That’s wonderful. So as we come to the end of 2020, and you look back at allthat you have accomplished in just one year’s time, I want, that’s amazing, what is the one thing thatmade you get up every day and get it done? – What attains me get upevery single day is that I have clear purposes. I have clear destinations formyself, for my crew, that have entailing for me. You know, when I think about these goals, it’s what empowers me. There’s deadlines and necessity to my goals. – Yeah, and so let me ask you this. Do you have a similarbig goals for next year? – Yeah, for sure. With these apportions, I’m tryingto get more for next year, but it’s not just me this year.This coming year, it’s notjust me, but my entire squad. I wanna get everyone, you are familiar with, a lot of people under my teamto go up that place like me, and that’s my job rightnow is to help my unit, my community get the awardsthat I went last year. – That’s so wonderful. Thank you so much better .( bell rings) Oh my goodness, there’sthe sound of the bell, which wants it’s time to share some news. So it’s no secret that 2020 is a year unlike any other we have ever suffered, but it may surprise you to hear that in spite of all thehardships we’ve all shared, this has been a year ofextraordinary successes.Jericho exactly uttered how the year has been sort of a blessing in camouflage. We more have managed toturn lemons into lemonade, or at least lemon-scented sanitizer. Here’s a look back at 2020, and some of USANA’sastonishing achievements.( light music) -[ Announcer] As apandemic sail countries around the world, we witnessed ourselves locked inside, learned how to adapt, and how to keep going. There were challenges, butthrough it all USANA greeted. We leaned on Zoom, reinvented our episodes, changing the empty-bellied accommodates atthe Asia Pacific Convention with the “We Are USANA” video streak, and separating attendance records with an inventive virtual approaching to the Americas and Europe Convention. USANA’s manufacturingfacilities never stop, keeping products in thehands of the person or persons. We launched 93 newproducts around the world, and rolled out a massive label freshen, including new label searches, and added sustainability patterns. USANA too did what italways does in times of need. We sacrificed back, specially constructing and donating 29,000 bottles of handwriting sanitizer to front line craftsmen, providingnearly 5 million meals, $2.1 million in aid, and1 5,000 bottles of Usanimals for malnourished childrenthrough the USANA Foundation.We may have been home alone, but USANA stood connected. We informed the shop go-cart, PC up-sell, refer-a-friend, SMS texting, and continue to enhance the entire USANAexperience with usana.com, and history ascribing share links. Most importantly, you, you jumped on the BusinessAccelerator Bonus, and Upward Momentum Bonus, and brought in thousands of brand-new both consumers and identifies. You recognise the needs of the world and modified your efforts to create the healthiest home on earth. Because of you, USANA developed. – Well, we definitely made a difference in this very different time. I feel especially proudthat we were able to launch various new produces this year, including USANA StressRelief and Calm Response. This is pretty much the perfectyear for those products. And if you haven’t heard already, today we launched themindfulness video series.This lines is hosted byour influencer collaborator, Becca Peters. This will go hand-in-hand with the feeling andrelaxation benefit list. This serial is great. It consists of an intro, and seven different videos to guide you through mindfulness rules, such as breathing usages, stress control, affirmations, and counteracting tension. These are likely to be reeled out weekly starting December 7th through January 25 th right here on USANA’s YouTube channel, and on our social media platform. Hey Jericho, by the way, have you had a chance to try any of the brand-new productslaunched this year? – Yes, sure as shooting, I affection them, specially the new skincare front. I’ve tried it, I enjoy it. My team desires it, and specially my mom,( roars) she affection it. She’s been using it. – Yeah, that’s awesome, I enjoy it too. Well, before we saygood bye, in 10 seconds, tell us what is the number one thing you would like beings to takeaway from this conversation? – Well, for me, one thing aswe enter the brand-new year, right, what I wanna remind everyone is that it’s not about the yearon the schedule, right? The quantity can change, but good-for-nothing will changeunless you do, right? So I challenge everybody is for a year of intentional growth, develop your mindset, your skills, yourself, and that are able to make all thedifference for this coming year.- Wow, purposeful growth. Well, there you have it. You are so wise beyond your years. Thank you so much forbeing with us, Jericho. On the next “USANA Talk, “Chairman of the Board and CEO Kevin Guest, alongwith Chief Sales Officer David Mulham, will sharenew seeing for the brand-new time. Be the first to hear aboutour future growth strategy, and catch out what bigopportunities lie ahead. Plus, you never know who may stop by with a special New Year’s message. Host Amy Heron navigatesthis from the top peak at USANA’s progression and will announce some eliciting motivations that may have you jam-pack yourbags in the brand-new year.Happy celebrations, everybody. See you back here on January 4th.( upbeat music ).

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